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Aries are strong and determined. They are ambitious, assertive, driven, impulsive and loyal and they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.


Taurus are known for their stability. They are reliable, focused, deliberate and calm and they are known for their inner strength, you can never tell if a Taurus is going through a hard time because they never show it.


Gemini is probably the most sociable and friendliest of all zodiac signs. They are fun, expressive, flexible and witty. Being around them is always delightful and people are always drawn to their bubbly personality.


Emotional, sentimental and nurturing, they are known for their kind and gentle hearts and their ability to take the high road in challenging situations. They are wise and honest and they forgive all the time.


Leos are born to rule the world. They are confident, charismatic, fearless and love being the center of attention. They know they are the best and are determined enough to prove it to the whole world. They know how to shine no matter how many people try to bring them down.

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Discover a few characteristics for each sign!

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